The best part is that it only takes items that you have around the house. Proper humidification of cigars is important to keep cigars from becoming too dry or growing mold. All cigar humidors have one thing in common — Spanish cedar wood. This wood lines the interior of your humidor because it effectively retains moisture as well as giving them a woody scent.

Basically, tobacco in your cigars has oil and that oil is what makes them burst with flavor. By seasoning your humidor, you will preserve the oil so it can continue to mature and retain the flavors that the cigar maker intended.

In summary, if you are going to buy more than cigars at a time, a cigar humidor is a great investment so that you can build your collection and keep your cigars fresh. That is, if you season your cigar humidor properly! Distilled water is extremely important because it lacks any type of chemical compound that may ruin your cigars.

Most of the time distilled water is used for aquariums — so you may luck out finding some in the house if you have a freshwater aquarium. You really only need 2 shot glasses. To season a cigar humidor properly, you will need at least days. However, it truly depends on the size of your humidor as well as the environment where your humidor will be stored. Make sure your humidor has enough time to soak up as much moisture as the Spanish cedar wood needs. If you have some new cigars on deck that need to be seasoned, you may want to pick up a Bovada humidification pack and a ziplock bag so that you can take your time seasoning your humidor without having to worry.

Otherwise, they should be fine for a few days. Does it smell like real cedar wood or do you sense a chemical smell? Do not make it dripping wet, you may even want to wring it out just to make sure. Now, simply wipe the entire interior down of your humidor with one layer of the damp cloth. Now, leave the humidor lid open for at least a day until all the moisture is completely dried up from the humidor.

If your humidor smells of fresh cedar, then there is no need to risk damaging the wood with wiping down your the interior. You simply need to just fill one shot glass with distilled water. Now close the lid and wait days. If necessary, top off the shot glass but watch out for any spills.

You should have a hygrometer on hand, preferably a digital one that has been calibrate properly. See our guide here on how to calibrate a hygrometer properly.Seasoning is an essential process that must be undertaken with all wooden humidors.

As the wood of new humidors is quite dry, it will need to absorb moisture before the humidor can safely and effectively store cigars. In this guide, you will learn how to season a wooden humidor as well as the best seasoning methods. Either scroll down to read the whole guide or jump ahead to the different sections:.

However, they do indeed have their own benefits, which you can learn about in our main wooden humidor guide. While acrylic humidors and tupperdors are theoretically non-porous barriers, wood is a natural material that absorbs moisture.

This is actually one of their key benefits as we mention in the guide linked above as the wood acts as a membrane. Much like the limestone subsoil in tobacco or wine-growing regions, the wood will absorb excess moisture and then slowly release it when the environment dries.

This natural property is highly beneficial as it can act as a buffer during sudden spikes or drops in humidity. Therefore, seasoning a wooden humidor ensures that the wood is properly hydrated and contains enough moisture for storing cigars. If executed correctly, it will provide all the aforementioned benefits without potentially absorbing any of the humidity produced by the humidifier.

It is important to always season a new humidor as the wood has never been exposed to any moisture. For instance, most new wooden humidors are delivered with silica packs inside, which are designed to absorb moisture during transit and storage. As new wooden humidors are often bone dry, this will likely be the most intense seasoning process.

A new humidor will need seasoning before its first use.

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However, it will also need to be seasoned once a year for the first four years thereafter. This is because new wood may be more zealous in releasing moisture than storing it. Therefore, regular seasoning ensures that the moisture penetrates deep into the wood. Finally, you experience may any sudden and inexplicable drops in humidity with a wooden humidor at any given time.

In short, this is when the wood in your humidor has begun to dry below a certain threshold and not be performing as well as it should. This phenomenon may simply be caused by a long-term lack of humidity or a sudden change in your local climate. However, they tended to be messy and often resulted in varying degrees of success. As such, learn which ones are most adapted to your humidor with the following section. They packs are available in sizes of 8 grams, 60 grams or grams. Meanwhile, the gram seasoning packs are suitable for most desktop humidors.Last Updated: October 8, References.

This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. This article has been viewedtimes. Learn more When you first buy a humidor, you have to season it, which is the process of adding moisture so that the box will better retain humidity.

A seasoned humidor will keep tobacco products preserved better and for longer. Note that the seasoning process takes several days, so you may want to make other arrangements for your tobacco products in the meantime. To season a humidor, start by mixing half a cup each of propylene glycol and distilled water in a small bowl.

Then, place the humidifier from your humidor in the solution to soak. After 15 minutes, take the humidifier out and place it face down on a towel for 30 minutes. You should also dampen a clean sponge with distilled water, wring it out to remove any excess water, and place it in your humidor.

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Leave the sponge in for days until your hygrometer displays at least 72 percent. Finally, remove the sponge and leave the box for another 2 days before adding your tobacco products.

whynter humidor seasoning

For more tips, including how to maintain the right humidity in your humidor, read on! Did this summary help you? Yes No. Please help us continue to provide you with our trusted how-to guides and videos for free by whitelisting wikiHow on your ad blocker.

Log in Facebook. No account yet? Create an account.Cigar Cooler Humidor is an ideal cigar storage system that can help preserve the flavor of your cigars and protect them from pests or other harmful conditions.

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Having a temperature controlled environment is also critical for discouraging the proliferation of any pests that may be present in the tobacco leaves. The thermoelectric cooling system used here minimizes the drying effect when cooling, relative to the compressor based cooling systems in many refrigeration units.

Furnished with four Spanish Cedar flat shelves and two spacious drawers, the Whynter CHCS helps maintain humidity, emits a light complementary aroma, and helps repel damaging insects. In addition to its main purpose of storing, preserving, and aging cigars, the Whynter Cigar Cooler Humidor is also an attractive and elegant showcase for your prized collection.

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Disclaimers "Membership is required to complete an in-club or curbside pickup purchase at Sam's Club.You're mixing an active humidification device with the passive Boveda, and although this can work in certain cases, try to keep in mind that the Boveda will absorb excess moisture and the Cigar Oasis will constantly output moisture.

How to Properly Season a Cigar Humidor

It's not a good process to mix the two. Stick with one or the other, have patience, and get it stable. I recommend that you get a solid tupperware item and keep your cigars in there only with Boveda until you can stabilize the Whynter.

whynter humidor seasoning

Edit - I want to add that you have about cigars. It takes three times as long to humidify cigars than the time it takes for them to lose moisture. Also, place the active humidification device at the bottom of the Whynter, it's how they are designed and it will circulate the humidity best from the bottom.

Good luck.

whynter humidor seasoning

This is supposedly a Cigar capacity cooler. You're supposed to take out your cigars and leave the Boveda in the humidor for 2 weeks. I tried plugging the drain holes underneath the interior fan and on the back of the unit that leads to the drip tray and it makes no difference at all.

If anyone has any insight, I'd greatly appreciate it. Rethink your strategy if you want to have success. Also, drawer placement will determine how well humidity migrates inside. I also do no panic if the humidity changes slightly, I ride it out and it self regulates. I use Boveda 65's and occasionally will pop in some gel beads along side in the cold season to boost it a bit.

Don't sweat the small stuff, it just works this way. I don't even have a hydrometer in my winedors. I have cooler, some crap made wooden humidors boxes and enough bovedas to turn Arizona into the Amazon. I'm thinking perhaps the 5 I already have in there are simply not enough to counteract the humidity loss from the cooling system in such a large unit. Maybe with a total of 10 packs, I can finally see some decent humidity in the cooler.

I'll keep everyone posted. On the wine cooler, if humidity is affected it is only indirectly as a function of the temperature change. I thought somebody mentioned you're supposed to use the water tray the unit comes with to season and follow the Hrm, anyway I seasoned my Whynter in about an hour maybe less because there's nothing to season aside from a few shelves and a couple drawers.

Spraying them down very lightly with distilled water and wiping with a sponge took care of that, then after a few minutes I just popped them into the unit with the tray of water at the bottom, closed the door and plugged it in. Not long after, I added my cigars which were at proper humidity already, took out the tray of water, added Boveda, and went to bed. Also, I don't like popcorn, the smell of it gives me a headache. Why do I mention it, you may ask? Because it has absolutely nothing to do with anything important at all.

That's the important thing I did learn from Peter a few years ago when I was starting outWhile seasoning your humidor, you can leave your cigars in humidor bags or other humidity controlled containers. We have gone ahead and had our humidor independently tested with Boveda humidity bags to take the guess work out. If your are nerdy on the specific of the testing, check out the independent test results.

After buying a cigar humidorthe first thing you should to do is take it home and season it. Never store your cigars in an unseasoned humidor. Wood is hygroscopic, which means it absorbs moisture. If you put cigars into a humidor before the wood has had a chance to absorb any moisture, it will absorb the moisture from your cigars and dry them out, ruining them.

Seasoning a cigar humidor enables it to maintain the perfect balance of humidity needed to preserve the taste and flavor of your cigars. Hygrometers are a humidor accessory that measures humidity in the air. There are two types of hygrometers: analog and digital. Analog hygrometers are more common, but digital hygrometers are more accurate. When a teaspoon of salt is mixed with a small amount of water, it emits exactly 75 percent humidity.

Fill the bottle cap with salt. It should hold approximately one tablespoon, but you can measure it with a teaspoon if you want to be precise. Wash out the bottle cap and start again. After hours have passed, check the hygrometer.

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It should read 75 percent. Most analog hygrometers have a slot in the back that lets you adjust the dial. Slip your screwdriver into the slot and turn it until the dial reads exactly 75 percent. Calibration kits are resealable plastic bags with precisely measured salt packets that generate exactly 75 percent humidity over 24 hours in order to reduce the margin of error in hygrometers calibration.

The most popular is made by Boveda. To use, open the bag, insert your hygrometer, and then wait for 24 hours to check your hygrometer. Seasoning a humidor is a simple and straightforward process.

Instead of distilled water, you can also fill the sponge with a propylene glycol solution. Propylene glycol is an organic compound commonly used in humidors as a stabilizing agent. It also prevents the formation of mold and bacterial growths. Bottles of the pre-mixed solution are available at most cigar shops. To start, take the sponge, place it in a bowl, and soak it with distilled water or propylene glycol solution.

Make sure the sponge is completely saturated. Then wring it out and place it in the cigar humidor on top of the plastic bag.

The sponge will be your primary seasoning agent, so you want it to be very wet. Next, take the cigar humidifier, place it in the bowl, and soak it with distilled water or propylene glycol.

Place the cigar humidifier and hygrometer in the humidor.Simply put, a wineador is a wine cooler that has been modified to store cigars. A wineador is useful in a country with a hot and humid climate or during summer months as they are excellent for regulating temperatures. Functionality aside, wineadors look very sophisticated, the clear door to them a great way to display your collection of cigars. Another great feature of a wineador is that they include an internal fan which is good for air circulation, an important consideration for cigar storage!

Not only this but the internal fan is also good for dispersing the humidity throughout the wineador. When it comes to finding the best solution for your cigar cooling and storing needs there are two choices:. The first option is the easiest but if you have a wine cooler already that could be better used as cigar storage then upgrading it will also work. This is a stylish wineador with a total of 2. Included is a humidification tray where you can use your preferred solution or moisture beads for humidity regulation.

This unit is equipped with an elegant analog hygrometer that functions well to monitor the conditions inside. Using a thermoelectric cooling system, this machine works to minimize any drying that can occur when cooling. This is comparable with a house compressor-based cooling system operates in refrigeration units.

Along with the internal fan, storage conditions for the cigars are excellent. Inside, there are four Spanish Cedar flat shelves with two spacious drawers, the Spanish Cedar complements the cigar aroma and repels insects. The Spanish Cedar wood shelves and drawers complement the unit well and the analog hygrometer makes monitoring the humidity levels easy.

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The NewAir CC Cigar Cooler has a capacity of cigars although there is the option to purchase a capacity model as well. Due to the two shelves as well as drawer, there is the option to store cigars in their box or on the loose.

This unit can hold up to cigars which is pretty decent sized.

Cigar Humidors

The cooling system is very quiet and is vibration-free. It is thermoelectric which means you can control the temperature of the cigars — the temps can be lower than the room temperature but cannot be adjusted to higher than the room temperature. Included is a built-in hygrometer to monitor the humidity and temperatures which can be observed via the digital display.

Interior LED lighting adds to the stylish look of this wineador without affecting the temperature within. This also boasts a complete Spanish Cedar construction which as you know is excellent for repelling cigar beetled and adding to the aroma of the cigars.

The built-in hygrometer and interior LED are just a few of the features this cooler has. The Clevelander Thermoelectric Cooler provides cigar aficionados with a stylish and effective way to preserve their cigars. The digital hygrometer displays the humidity and temperature so monitoring this is easy. Each cabinet includes a water reservoir tray no spongethis can be filled with distilled water to help with humidity management.

How To Season A Wooden Humidor: Best Methods For Preparing A New Humidor

This design has 3 vented sliding trays that are also removable. The storage capacity of this unit is cigars and it can also fit complete boxes as well. A free-standing unit with adjustable feet this unit can be positioned wherever you wish. This is a stylish cooler that performs and looks good. The Whynter CWC is a double functioning wineador cigar cooler and wine storage unit which one half dedicated to each.

This is a very large unit with the ability to store both cigars and wine appealing to many households. With the capacity to store over cigars in their boxes or drawers.

whynter humidor seasoning

A brushed stainless steel door and black exterior add to the style of the model. Each side is individually temperature controlled which allows for excellent management. There are 4 shelves built into the model and 3 drawers which are all made from cedarwood. The thermoelectric cooling system is vibration-free and the internal fan is also quiet which appeals to many.

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